Bibhuti Bikramaditya

Designation :

  1. Founder Director, Smartway Electronics Pvt. Ltd, Patna
    Incubatee @ Incubation Centre, Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Patna
    Incubatee@  Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre, Bangalore
  2. Former Director, Tekbrains Pvt. Ltd, Patna
  3. Founder and Chairman, BBrains Development Society, Patna
  4. Managing Editor, Manthan, An International Journal of Scientific Research & Innovation
  5. Initiator & Patrons, Bihar Science Conference, An International Conference on Science & Technology
  6. Former President, Indians in Daejeon, Korea:

Awards and Recognition

  1. Dhanwantri National Award 2022, given by RJS Positive Media Delhi in the memory of (Late) Dr.U.P Sinha, Former HOD, Surgery PMCH, Patna for my contribution in the development of Medical Electronics Devices.
  2. Samaj Ratna Award 2016, given by Former Election Commissioner, Sri GVG Krishnamaurthy. The  award is  Vishwamitra Pariwar, New Delhi
  3. Bihari Asmita Samman Award in 2009  given by Hon’ble Governor of Sikkim.The award was given by Bihari Khabar and Bihari online.
  4. Nominated for Shiksha Ratna Award, and  Bharat Jyoti Award by IIFS, New Delhi
  5. Ham Radio (VSU2MPP) in 1997.
  6. Special Appreciation(Testimonial) by Dept. of Physics, Patna University, Patna in 1997
  7. Several awards at school and college levels.

Technical Skill Set:

Micron Technology: VLSI IP Core development, VLSI (FPGA/ASIC) Technology,

EDA Tools: Xilinx, Model-sim, synplicity, Cadence, Altera, NC-Sim

Embedded Tools: Kiel, Proteus, ORCAD, Arduino(ATMEGA 328P/ATMEGA 2561)

Nanotechnology Tools: Muffle Furnace, XRD, Photoluminescence, SEM, UV, FTIR, VSM

DSP (Image Processing): Video Processing: JPEG, MPEG-4,H.264

Programming Language: VHDL, VERILOG RTL Coding,

Academic Qualification 

Ph.d in NanoScience (In Nano Electronics area) from Aryabhatta Centre for Nano science and Nanotechnology, Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna

M.Sc Physics(Advance Electronics) from Patna University, Patna

 B.Sc Physics from College of Commerce, Arts & Science, Patna, Magadh University, Bodh Gaya

Work Experience

  • Director, Smartway Electronics Ltd (From January 2020 to present). The company is in the process of developing products related to medical electronics devices, embedded system and hardware related products
  • Director, TekBrains Ltd, Patna (March 2010 to 2020) : Developed VLSI, Embedded system, Power electronics, Microcontroller and hardware  based  products  under  my  supervision.
  • Project Manager(FPGA)”(June 2008 to May 2009), and Senior ASIC  &  SOC  Engineer(  June  2007  to  May  2008),  nSYSTechnologies  ,  Ltd,  Seoul,   S.Korea:   Worked   on   Telecom  VLSI, Face recognition
  • Senior R&D Engineer”, StarVray Co.,Ltd”, Daejeon, South Korea (from April 2006 to till April 2007): Worked on medical imaging Products
  • “Senior ASIC Engineer”, IT MAGIC Ltd”, Seoul, South Korea (July 2004 to Jan 2006): worked on VLSI(FPGA) based development on Video processing, Real time image stabilization.
  • “Technical Leader (DSP)” DCA InfoTech”, Pune (India) from Sept, 2003-June-2004: worked on VLSI, DSP Implementation

“Team member and Project Leader “Info Dynamics Integration Technologies”, Pune (India) March 2001- Aug,2003: worked on VLSI, DSP Implementation

  • Hardware Engineer, National School of Information Technology, Patna from Jan 2, 1999- Feb