Electronics System Design Services and Product Prototyping

Smartway Electronics Design Services

  1. VLSI (FPGA), ASIC/System on Chip(SOC)  Based Design and development
  2. Embedded Firmware development
  3. Arduino, 8051/AVR/PIC/ARM 7,ARM9,ARM 11 based design
  4. Application software development

C/C++, Java, dot net, Ph.P,C#, sql, Database management

Windows –OS and Linux-OS based software development

  • Product Prototyping  and Re-engineering
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering Lab tools  and  Kits Development
  • Power Electronics product design and development
  • Board Development

Our Services Include: –

Complete Proto-board design: This covers design and development of complete board prototype design as per customer’s specifications. Following steps are followed

1. Feasibility analysis

2. Specification Finalization

3. PCB Schematic and Layout

4. Board Assembly, Verification and Testing

5. Board Proto type development

Once Proto type board is developed, the customer need to test and check its performance and working as per their given requirements. After customer’s approval, the prototype board goes for mass production. 

Product Testing


Payment  for Design Services:

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