Electronic Bell Ver1

About Product:

The academic institutions uses manual bell for the purpose of giving periodic information and warning to students. Problem occurs when staff forgot to ring bell on time or sometimes due to some miss happening, he couldn’t get chance to do so. To avoid this problem, Automatic Electronic Bell is needed to install in the school. This “ Electronic Bell” is used to produce automatic warning sound and periodic sound as per clients time input. The given time input is user programmable and easy to use.

This version package doesn’t include Mechanical Bell to hear bell sound. This version is useful only for those schools/academic institutions where mechanical or electrical bell is already installed to produce sound.

It has four switches:

1. Time set: this is used for setting time.

2. Shift (up and Down): this is used to increase or decrease the time of the system.

3. OK : this switch is for giving ok signal,

It has additional manual switches which can be used in any emergency or immediate need.


Electronic Bell : Automatic School Bell

This version can control and drive maximum three electrical

bells at a time.

Youtube Video Demo of Electronic Bell ver1



Price of this product is Rs. 4000/- +GST@18% = 4720 Please below on “Pay now” if you wish to buy this bell system

Payment for Electric Bell 

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