A Complete Indian Product Approved by IIT Patna & Tested at AIIMS Patna


This is lightweight and compact noninvasive device to measure percentage level of Oxygen in the blood (known as SPO2 level) and also it gives pulse beat rate after putting a finger on the sensor. Both reading can be viewed instantly on an OLED screen in regular version.

Standard Version

In standard Version, User can additionally view the result on the nearby mobile connected with Bluetooth on mobile App. This application is very useful for those covid19 patient who are home quarantine. They can send their report to doctors through mobile App. Similarly, this application is also very useful for doctors who doesn’t need to visit patient place; they can get patient’s test result in real time on Mobile App.

This battery-operated device features OLED screen display to make it easier and convenient for the user to read the results.


  • Measures Pulse Rate and SpO2 (% of oxygen in the Blood)
  • Result viewing on 0.96” OLED screen as well as on Mobile App through Bluetooth.
  • Data storage facility on Mobile and Data Sharing facility on whatsApp and email . Doctors can also get patients result on mobile App thru our webserver.
  • Rechargeable Battery-operated device
  • Compact, lightweight & portable design 
  • Easy to use 
  • Easy to read digital display 

How to use –

  • Turn on Device Power
  • Place the finger on the sensor of the device
  • Wait for a few seconds 
  • The Pulse Rate and SpO2 level will be displayed on the screen 
  • Turn the device off after use

Youtube video Demo of Pulse oximeter

Price (Standard Version) : MRP : Rs.2575 + Courier Charges Offer Price Rs. 1995/- + Courier Charges (Device with Mobile App Interface)

Price (Basic Version) : Rs. 1950 + Courier Charges. Offer Price: Rs. 1420+ Courier Charges (without Mobile App interface)

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