This is lightweight and compact noninvasive device to measure percentage level of Oxygen in the blood (known as SPO2 level) and also it gives heart rate and body temperature after putting a finger on the sensor. Result can be viewed on pc/mobile through USB interface. This product is very useful for COVID19 patient testing.

This battery-operated device features USB interface. Result can be seen on pc/mobile through USB interface.


  • Measures Heart Rate , SpO2 (% of oxygen in the Blood) & Body temperature
  • Result on  Pc/mobile through USB  interface
  • Rechargeable Battery-operated device
  • Compact, lightweight & portable design
  • Data sharing by  USB interface

ICU Version (ICU Patient put their finger on the sensor  which is connected to main controller box. The controller box is connected to Patient Monitor(TFT/LCD). This version is very good for ICU where this oximeter can be interfaced with Patient monitor.


Telemedicine Version (or to be used for any application where Result can be seen on client’s PC, Mobile or TFT


Mobile Interface:

How to use –

  • Turn on Device Power
  • Place the finger on the sensor of the device
  • Wait for a few seconds
  • The Heart Rate and SpO2 level will be displayed on the screen
  • Turn the device off after use

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