Dr. Prashant Jha:

Dr. Prashant Jha:
He serve as the Fellowship Director of EurAsia’s oldest Medical Technology Innovation program housed at AIIMS, Delhi. SiB is a Department of Biotechnology funded program at All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Indian Institute of Technology Delhi that runs in partnership with Stanford University (California), Hiroshima and Tottori Universities (Japan) and Queensland University (Australia).

Dr. Bhaskar Choubey

Dr. Bhaskar Choubey:
He is Chair – Analogue Circuits and Image Sensors, Faculty IV, University of Siegen, Germany.
His research interests span a broad spectrum of analogue and mixed signal CMOS Design, MEMS, Neurophysiology, Nonlinear dynamics as well as allied topics like information society, entrepreneurship and higher education. He is part of Electronics Design Centre in Glasgow University, wherein we are trying to design novel sensors for commercial, biological and ecological applications.