The world is digital and small is trendy in modern era of electronics. The trend of convergence of technologies where many technologies, hardware, software etc combines for unique application of our interest, goes from smaller to smallest, good performing to the best performing into single IC chip which may perform many works at the same time and interestingly that made our life very easy and wonderful. The application of Internet technologies, Mobile applications, real time video conferencing and tele conferencing, laptops with all multimedia applications, webcams, Biotechnology (Bio medicines, Bio chips, DNA Chips), Robotics application, are instances which have revolutionized the industry to change the life style of even a common man.

The trend towards specializing system design and manufacturing outsourcing – such as fabless design house, wafer foundry, design automation tool/software house, and semiconductor processing tool supplier – created the needs for individuals with multi-discipline technical skills for collaborations and association and more than that it needs huge investments.

Smartway Electronics  is an effort to become center of advanced electronics research & development and manufacturing of its devices and systems. The journey is tough and full of difficulties at least in Indian subcontinent where engineer’s skills are limited to design. Manufacturing attitude is to be developed. Therefore, company has been started from scratch. Our first and foremost agenda will be to involved and accomplish small works/projects (in the field of VLSI, Embedded system, security system etc) and then gradually develop Advanced Electronics Lab where complete cycle of electronics system designing, testing and manufacturing can be done with high level of accuracy, performance and customer satisfaction.

Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Director

Ph.D(NanoElectronics), M.Sc Physics(Advance Electronics)