Digital Time Switch Ver1

About Product:

These days, people start charging electronic gazette like mobile, laptop, speakers and power banks and forget to make it switched off. As result, over charging and continuous charging may put life of your charging gazette batteries in danger.
Similarly, home equipment like common lights/balcony lights, home lights, garden lights sometimes missed to be switched off. Electrical Appliances such as Electric Cookers, Water Heater, Glow Sign Boards, Decorative lighting, Aquariums lights, Air conditioners, and Air coolers needed to be controlled by time.
In offices, Banks, ATM centers, etc, there are many Air conditioners running simultaneously unnecessarily that are required to be controlled.

Water Tank also starts overflowing because of this missing attitude that sometimes arise catastrophic events.

Tekbrains Digital Time Switch is energy saving micro-controller based time control switches that solves all above problem and related problems. For example, mobile phones can be put on charging for two hours, Laptops may put on charging for 4 hours, and power banks may put on charging for 6 hours. Water Tank motor may run for 5min, 10min, 15 min and 30min etc. After the given time interval, power will automatically get switched off.
Similarly, all electrical and electronics appliances can be controlled by this smart time controller.
In this standard version (Ver1), user can select any of the times between 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, two hour, and four hours etc for which time period, current will be flowing into the system. After stipulated time, current will get switched off automatically. It can control Maximum 2 units at a time

It can be used as
1. Effective mobile charger
2. Effective laptop charger
3. Street light controller
4. Home light controller
5. Air-condition C controller
6. Air Cooler Controller
7. Decorative Light/ Glow Signboard controller
8. Electric Heater Controller
9. Water Tank controller