Electronic Bell Ver3

About Product:

The Electronic Bell Ver. 3” is multi music Electronic Audio Bell which can produce different automatic musical sound at different given time inputs. This is memory based user programmable automatic school bell electronic circuit which produces multiple sound and gives different music based periodic warning to the students in the school. User can select and store music in the memory device and fit inside the system. No mechanical Bell is required in this system. But output of this system should be connected to sound amplifier system to get sound in the class room.  Like ver 2, User should have Sound amplifier system in all the class room or where ever they require to get intimated by sound. This product is useful for only those big school/acacademic institutions where they have already installed sound amplifier system and need different audio at different time

Multi Music Electronic Bell with Speaker system


Like Version 1, It has four also switches:

1. Time set: this is used for setting time.

2. Shift (up and Down): this is used to increase or decrease the time of the system.

3. OK : this switch is for giving ok signal, It has also additional manual switch which can be used in any emergency or immediate need.

It has additional manual switches which can be used in any emergency or immediate need
Youtube Video Demo of Electronic Bell Ver3

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