Interactive white Board for Smart Class Solution

This project is related to implementation of low cost Interactive board development for extensive uses as well as to support collaborative learning activities. Interactive board is interfaced with IR Transmitter circuit as well as IR Receiver circuit fitted both side of the interactive white board. User can use Stylus Pen or Finger to write on the board. This facility will be helpful for professionals as well as teacher student interaction in school.

This application provides a visual touch sensitive interface to the computer operated device by which user without touching the mouse can easily operate it. All this is possible after having implanted, the interface explained as above.

The whole system consists of Interactive White Board (IWB), Projector and CPU. The interactive white board is connected to CPU through its USB interface. The CPU is having computer program software to be projected on Interactive white board by projector connected to CPU.

Hardware/Software Specifications for IR Board:

Technology Infrared  Technology
Board Size 78” Effective and 82” Physical
Touch support Multi touch support preferable with FOUR or more touch r
OS Compatibility 1. Should be supported windows 8 and above.
2. Must be supported on Ubuntu 12.04 , 16.04 (32 and 64 bit)
Interface USB2.0 and Usb 3.0 
Board Surface Anti-Glossy ceramic board
Cursor Blink rate 120 dots/second or above
Resolution 4096 x 4096
Response Time <8ms continuous writing practice
Induction Size > 3.0mm, Recommended Size:> 5.0mm (Diameter)